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Work experience at Hull & East Yorkshire PFC

Are you a college or university student? Have aspirations to work in marketing or for a sports club in the future? Well, you can now gain valuable work experience at Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club!


✅ Learn all about powerchair football

✅ Experience for your future career

✅ Gain new marketing skills

✅ Strengthen your CV

What takes place?

You'll be introduced to powerchair football and set marketing tasks throughout the week working closely with our marketing & communications officer. Also, be able to create social media content at a powerchair football training session on a Saturday. Have the opportunity to ask our players, coaches and supporters.

How long will my work experience be?

This is entirely up to you - you may want to do a few days in the week or may want to do a block set.

How to apply?

Please fill out the form in this link and we'll be in touch. ->

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