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North East Regional League Premiership Gameweek 6 Preview

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC first team are travelling to Edge Sports Centre in Leeds this coming Sunday for the North East Regional League Premiership gameweek 6. The first team will face Leeds Dynamos and Teesside PFC.

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club first team. Players are sat in specialised powerchairs purosefully built for powerchair football called a Striekforce. The players are sat in a curved line with two coaches stood next to a whiteboard.

The Electric Eels kick off the day at 10am against Leeds Dynamos. Following a short break, they will then face Teesside PFC at 12:20pm.

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are currently sat fifth in the league table. Previewing the matches this coming Sunday first team captain Kai Gill said: " We've been training hard and working on areas that as a team we wanted to improve on. On Sunday we face two good teams and this will put us in good stead to use what we've been practicing on to preparing us for the final round of the national league premiership coming up in June."

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