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We Invite You!

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club are inviting members of the public to come along and cheer both of our first team & academy team.

This coming Saturday 25th January Electric Eels first and academy will be competing in the North East Regional League round 5. The club will be hosting this round at The Allam Sports Centre, University of Hull.

The first team Electric Eels compete in the North East Championship and remain unbeaten in 1st place. On Saturday Electric Eels face Bradford side Hurricanes at 10am. Later in the day, face Middlesbrough Reserves at 2pm.

The academy team compete in the North East League 1 and remain in 3rd position. On Saturday their first game is at 11am against Darlington. Later in the day, face Middlesbrough Discovery at 1pm.

If you can't make it on the day, follow us on our social media accounts; to ensure you don't miss an update - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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