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360 Chartered Accountants become bronze partner

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are delighted to announce 360 Chartered Accountants have become a bronze partner for the 2023/24 season. This will see 360 Chartered Accountants branding on all match-day digital marketing material for both our first and academy team.

360 Chartered Accountants become bronze partner

360 Chartered Accountants is an award-winning business specialising in the provision of accounting taxation, and business development services to a variety of individuals, start-up businesses and corporates.

With offices in Hull, York and Wakefield serving businesses across the UK. 360, uses the latest technology to give their clients more than just historical financial information. Additionally, working closely in partnership with their clients and offer real time financial information to help make timely strategic decision and predict future cash flows.

360 Chartered Accountants, Managing Director, Andy Steele said: "360 is delighted to be able to once again support Hull & East Yorkshire PFC, a fantastic grassroots sport team. We know how much the players enjoy training and playing and how important it is for their physical and mental health but are also acutely aware of how expensive sport is to participate in currently. The team at 360 is looking forward to seeing the continued progress of the squad in the 23/24 season."

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC Marketing & Communications Officer, Kai Gill, said: “We’re delighted and extremely thankful of 360 Chartered Accountants becoming a bronze partner. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been very fortunate to work with 360 Chartered Accountants within our 100 club and being joint hosts on the charity footgolf day. The reason we asked 360 Chartered Accountants to become a bronze partner featuring on our digital marketing match day material is because 360 is a term commonly used in powerchair football. We felt it was a great connection to ask 360 Chartered Accountants to help increase their online presence. We look forward to working with and hosting all the staff at 360 Chartered Accountants at future match-days and carry their branding on our matchday social media material. ”

For more information on 360 Chartered Accountants and the services they offer, visit their website at

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