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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

We Invite You To Cheer On Eels!

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club are inviting members of the public to come, watch and cheer on Eels, as powerchair football will be played at a competitive level. In just under three weeks time, the club will be hosting the 3rd Round of the North East Powerchair Football Regional League (NEPFL) on Sunday 2nd December. The club will be hosting the 3rd round at their new home venue, The Beacon at Hull University Sports & Fitness centre, entrance is on Inglemire Lane.

The 3d round of NEPFL will see 11 teams compete as they all continue to progress towards the league title. In the NEPFL Premiership, Electric Eels first team are sitting in 5th position and are determined to improve their league position. However, in the NEPFL Championship, are currently sitting in 3rd position and are pushing hard to fight for the top two spot.

Electric Eels first team will kick off the 3rd round by facing Leeds Dynamos at 10 AM. Then later in the day at 1 PM they will face Middlesbrough Reserves. Electric Eels academy team will kick off their 3rd round by facing Leeds Centurions at 11 AM then face Bradford Hotwheels at 2 PM.

The clubs marketing & communications officer spoe to the club website, he said: " This is an exciting time of the year for the club as we prepare to host the 3rd round of NEPFL (North East Powerchair Football Regional League) a lot of work has been undertaken off-field creating this exciting campaign. Additionally, it will mark a special date in the club's calendar as this will be the first time we have hosted a large event at our new home venue, at The Beacon, Hull University. In previous years, we have had an increasing number of members of the public attending our home matches which our players love and have spurred them on within their team performance.

He continued,

" This marketing campaign is a perfect way of the club personally inviting everyone in Hull & East Yorkshire region to come and cheer on both of our competition teams. We hope to have a large number attend to witness this beautiful sport, powerchair football and speak to players to hear how the sport they love playing has changed their lives for the better. "

You can download Eels fixture card here. We hope to see you all there cheering on Eels. This is a free event and we ask those travelling via cars to please try and leave the front parking spots for the players.

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