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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

The WFA Cup Round One: Electric Eels drawn away

Electric Eels first team have been drawn away to Middlesborough PFC in round one of The WFA Cup.

Further details about the match will be published in due course however, the tie must be played by Sunday 11th November.

Here are the fixtures that have been drawn for the first round:

Teams with a bye in North section: Sale United and St George’s Knights

South section teams with a bye: Villa Rockets, Aspire PFC and WBA PFC.

North section draw:

Northern Thunder v Leeds Dynamos Notts Forest PFC v Leeds Chariots Man Utd PFC v Middlesbrough discovery Nottinghamshire PFC v Notts Outlaws Middlesbrough PFC v Electric Eels PFC Middlesbrough Reserves v Greenbank PFC

South section:

Bournemouth Warriors PFC v Reading PFC Cheltenham SW All Stars v Sevenoaks PFC Bournemouth Warriors Development v Evergreen Muscle Warriors PFC v Greenwich PFC Brighton and Hove Albion v WBA Throstles

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