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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

Academy Team Finish 2nd in YL

Electric Eels Academy Team have finished their 2017/18 Yorkshire League in 2nd position after a victory over York Jorvik Warriors. The team lead from halftime with Jack scoring a goal. In the second half, Electric Eels continued to attack York's defense. A corner kick taken nicely by Jack led to Joel spin kicking the ball into York's goal.

Kai Gill, coach of the academy team said: "I'm extremely proud of the players who have played some brilliant football this season. We've learnt a lot as a group this season about each other and that has played a big part of our success. Before the match against York, we knew if we had to beat York to finish in second place. We played really good football in parts, especially our defense, and the way each player wanted to work hard for each other.

The academy team travel to Leeds on Sunday 29th April for the Murray Watson Cup which, the team will be challenging for. Kai said: "The team will be working hard in training as we would love to lift the Murray Watson cup which, we almost did last season."

You can follow the teams action on both Twitter and Facebook.

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