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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

Productive Day in Thornaby

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club travelled to Thornaby on Sunday 3 September to kick start their 2017/18 campaign in the North East Regional League. Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club took both their first team and Academy team.

The first match for Electric Eels in the Premiership saw Middlesbrough score four goals against Electric Eels to claim three points. Electric Eels held their own in the opening ten minutes, a gap opened on Eels goal line when the hosts scored a goal. A quick regroup led by captain Kai saw Electric Eels sticking to their game plan and continued to put pressure on the Teeside club. However, a corner set piece by Middlesbrough who scored another goal before the halftime whistle was blown. In the second half, a better performance from Eels saw a new club record set by Kai scoring a goal past a club that Electric Eels have never done before. A lovely pass from Luke opened a gap on Middlesbrough goal line for Kai to slot a sneaky goal in. At 2 - 1 Eels confidence grow and continued to play good football. After, quick free kicks by Middlesbrough scored another two goals finishing the game at 4 - 1.

Electric Eels played their final game of the day with a late kick off against Newcastle. The home-side Eels came out on top throughout the match by increasing the tempo and sticking to their game plan. Eels played some very good football with accurate passing leading to Luke scoring two goals throughout the match. Newcastle, never gave up and continued to tackle and tried to cut out passes but, Eels grow even more with confidence and a cross from Luke to James who scored on his debut for Electric Eels.


The Electric Eels academy team opened their 2017/18 championship campaign with a dream start. The team faced Middlesbrough Blues in what was a brilliant match. Electric Eels Academy were led by Joel who helped the team grow into the game by creating brilliant passing opportunities which gave Joel a chance to score. Throughout the match, Eels Academy stuck to their game plan and worked as a team to claim a great result against the Teeside young team with a 3 - 0 win Joel scoring a hat-trick.

Electric Eels academy team finished the day with a great win against Leeds Dynamos, in what was a close encounter. The home-side Eels knew this match was going to be tough and stuck to their game plan throughout the match, which saw both sides having opportunities to score. It was a brilliant match and great to see emerging talent playing very good football. In the second half, both Eels and Leeds nearly scored from opportunities they had created. It was 0 - 0 until the final 10 seconds when a set piece delivery from Joel to winger Emma who scored her first goal.

The club would like to thank the hosts Middlesbrough for a fantastic day on the opening round of the North East Regional League 2017/18 season. The second round will be at Thornaby where Middlesbrough will host the round on Sunday 12 November. Further details will be posted leading up to the event. Follow us on Twitter to see regular updates from the club as both teams have league matches coming up.

Electric Eels first team will begin their 2017/18 Muscular Dystrophy Championship campaign in just over two weeks in Nottingham on Saturday 22 September & Sunday 23 September. Further details will be posted leading up to the event.

Electric Eels Academy will begin their 2017/18 Yorkshire League season on Sunday 1 October, 2017 in Hull. Further details will be posted leading up to the event.

You can find all of the clubs fixtures on our 2017/18 Fixtures page.

Here is the North East Regional League tables from the opening round in Thornaby.

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