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The WFA: Return To Powerchair Football Update

The Wheelchair Football Association, the governing body of powerchair football has provided a statement updating players, families and supporters on the return to powerchair football plan. Please read below:

During October, the sub-committee established to work on developing guidance for our community worked extremely hard on producing documentation and risk assessment updates to support a smooth initial return to powerchair football. As part of this process, we also sought external support from medical professionals, who have knowledge of powerchair football and the types of disability our community has to support our workings. 

Initial documentation was finalised and then shared with the WFA Executive for their approval, prior to it's sharing with The FA for their approval as the overarching governing body for football in England.

Progress was being made, alongside the increases in COVID19 cases throughout the country during this second wave. Unfortunately soon after, the government announced the lockdown throughout November, alongside the postponement of all grassroots football, subsequently halting our progress at this current stage. 

These recent months have highlighted just how fluid and changing the situation we find ourselves living in at this time. This week's update of a vaccine is another example of this and is welcome news, however, The WFA will remain vigilant as our focus has always been and will remain fixed on the safety of our community. We are continuing to liaise with The FA and once we have a clearer picture of the national and footballing landscape in December, we will resume our work to return to powerchair football. Updates, of course, will be provided in due course

In the meantime, we are working hard on planning for 2021, both on and off the pitch. Our well being workshops have been well attended to date, with more sessions (both social and football-specific) planned for the near future. Please look at our website and social media for details and share with your members accordingly. 

Please remain patient with us, we are all looking forward to seeing you all soon and resuming our wonderful game.

Stay safe.

If any of our players, their families or supporters have any questions regarding the above statement please do not hesitate to contact us. Please follow our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we continue to plan and distribute engaging content throughout the following month.

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