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Spotlight On Our Sponsor: Stadiuum Group

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are proud to launch a series of blog posts called Spotlight On Our Sponsor. Over the course of 2020, each month we will be sharing a Q&A feature with one of our sponsors. First up in our Q&A feature is Stadiuum Group.

Can you tell us about Stadiuum Group and what you do?

Of course, STADIUUM Group is a Sports Media Intelligence Company. We are building the holy grail for sport fans, a potent one-stop shop for die-hards and the most exciting sports content platform on the planet (on Stage 2 of is launching in Q1 2020 and we could not be more excited.

What were the first thoughts when you heard about the club and Powerchair football?

My first thoughts were that of amazement & admiration. I never stop being amazed by the sheer power of sport across the world. The number of different sporting codes and the diverse range of folk partaking is one of the great accomplishments of mankind. My second thought, coming after our relationship grew, was that of an immensely strong community and support network infused into the club and all its members. Not many sporting clubs out there can boast this; something to be very proud of.

Can you tell us about what you are going to be doing with the club in 2020? We are planning something awesome!! Take a couple UK football greats, transport them direct to Hull & East Yorkshire Home Ground and put them up against the Electric Eels!!! Should be great fun for all involved, while also helping spread the word, not just about Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Team, but Powerchair Football as a sport.

What are your plans for 2020?

There have been tens of thousands of hours poured into: planning, team building, fund raising, developing product and crafting a potent multi staged business model that will redefine sporting content experiences globally. 2020 is the year in which this all starts coming together; STADIUUM Group will takeflight. 150 sport specific social media accounts will be going live in January. evolves into a B2B2C Sports Content Platform with Stage 2 Launch, set for February. A North American Investment Roadshow will see the Team congregate in Toronto in April, the objective being to raise $1.25M AUD. All this in just the first half of 2020!

How can sports clubs and businesses get involved with STADIUUM Group? Very easily and for $0. We are building a sporting utopia not just for fans, but for sport and sports media businesses too. This utopia comes in the form of a suite of tools and products, all available free of charge through the STADIUUM Business Subscription (on This product suite gives you the power to: attract, connect, engage, entertain, stimulate, reward and monetise readers, members and fans. All from the one place -

Follow STADIUUM Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Head over to

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