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North East Regional League 2021/ 22 fixture announcement

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC can confirm the North East Regional League Fixtures for the upcoming 2021/22 season.

The North East Regional League committee have been hard at work in the off-season putting place rounds for the campaign splitting them into regions of the North East such as; Yorkshire and North East following COVID-19 protocols.

Electric Eels first team will kick-off their season travelling to The Edge, Leeds on 17th October for the first round. Electric Eels will face Leeds Centurions at 1.30pm and shortly after face Middlesbrough at 2.30pm.

After over a year without matches at The Allam Sport Centre, home of Electric Eels we will be hosting the remaining three rounds

Round 1: 17th October

Fixture KO Venue: The Edge, Leeds

Leeds Dynamos v Leeds Centurions 10.30am

Leeds Dynamos v Hurricanes 11.30am

Hurricanes v Middlesbrough 12.30pm

Leeds Centurions v Electric Eels 1.30pm

Electric Eels v Middlesbrough 2.30pm

Round 2: 27th November

Fixture KO Venue: The Allam Sport Centre, Hull

Electric Eels v Leeds Dynamos 10.15am

Leeds Dynamos v Middlesbrough 11.15am

Middlesbrough v Hurricanes. 12.15pm

Electric Eels v Leeds Centurions 1.10pm

Leeds Dynamos v Hurricanes 2.05pm

Round 3: 26th February, 2022

Fixture KO Venue: The Allam Sport Centre, Hull

Middlesbrough v Electric Eels 10.15am

Leeds Centurions v Middlesbrough 11.15am

Electric Eels v Hurricanes 12.15pm

Hurricanes v Leeds Dynamos 1.10pm

Leeds Centurions v Leeds Dynamos 2.05pm

Round 4: 23rd April, 2022

Fixture KO Venue: The Allam Sport Centre, Hull

Hurricanes v Electric Eels 10.15am

Hurricanes v Leeds Centurions 11.15am

Middlesbrough v Leeds Centurions 12.15pm

Leeds Dynamos v Electric Eels 1.10pm

Middlesbrough v Leeds Dynamos. 2.05pm

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC welcome the news of the return of North East Regional League and look forward to hosting teams plus supporters including our platinum partners and Electric Eels 100 club members.

Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to the club. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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