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It's More Than A Sport: Ashley & his family story

As part of our Eels Synergy marketing campaign this year, the club will sharing personal stories from players' and their families of how powerchair fotball has changed their lives. First up, in our it's more than a sport series is Ashley who plays and captain of our academy team.

Ashley is 12 years old. He joined the Hull & East Yorkshire Power-chair Football team having had an invite from Kai Gill to give it a try. Ashley has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and this means that he has mobility problems. He finds it difficult to keep up with his peers and uses a wheelchair.

He had never been involved with any team based sports activity until he joined the team as it was just too exhausting and dangerous for him. He didn’t really spend time with any friends outside of school and seemed to be lacking in confidence and social skills. Since joining the team, Ashley feels that he has found his “talent” and enjoys attending the training sessions on a Saturday at the excellent facilities provided by Hull University. He is a very proud Captain of the Academy Team and now has a group of team mates that he meets with weekly. The players range from youngsters to adults and, despite the players having various personal challenges, with this sport they are all equal.

One of his proudest moments was being recognised as the most improved player last season and he is working towards being promoted to the Club’s First Team.

Ashley has had such support from the coaches at the Club, together they have really brought out a competitive side to Ashley and developed his team work skills. The sport is not just great for the players, it is also invaluable for the player’s families. Ashley’s older sister usually attends the training sessions on a Saturday and when it is match day, we have Ashley’s Grandparents, Auntie and Uncle that often attend both home and away games to support the players. Ashley’s Dad is also involved with the Club’s Committee. Power Chair football has impacted our lives in such a positive way. Ashley is now thoroughly enjoying a competitive, team based sport. This is something we never thought was possible.

Ashley is current fundraising for a powerchair football chair called The DB Bullet. He's so close to his target of £5, 750. If you would like to donate towards his goal please contact the club who will put you in contact with his family.

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