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Green & Green Mortgage and Protection joins Electric Eels 100 Club

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are delighted to announce Green & Green Mortgage and Protection have joined Electric Eels 100 Club for the 2021/22 season.

Green & Green Mortgage and Protection are mortgage and insurance advisers established to change the way the Mortgage sector operates by keeping clients updated, informed and educated throughout the entire process. Founder James Green, has taken the company from strength to strength helping a vast number of clients in Hull and surrounding East Yorkshire region. Green & Green promises their customers to make the property buying process as easy and stress free as possible.

Founder, James Green said: “Being a local independent company with a sporting background personally we have always wanted to support local sports clubs, just like many local businesses helped James when he was playing locally. After speaking to Kai there seemed no better opportunity than to support the Eels this year. Were looking forward to watching them play this year and meeting many other local businesses.”

Kai Gill, Marketing & Communications officer at Hull & East Yorkshire PFC said: " We’re extremely thankful of Green & Green Mortgage and Protection being the first of many businesses to sign up to our Electric Eels 100 Club. This just highlights the impeccable support that Green & Green Mortgage and Protection has upon the charitable and local community projects within the area. Green & Green has continued to grow to be a popular local independent business who we feel will continue to grow beyond much more. We look forward to being able to host James and his team at our future match-days and carry their branding on our 100 club banner on our website.“

For more information on Green & Green and the services they offer, visit their website at .

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