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Electric Eels 100 Club Relaunched

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are delighted to relaunch the Electric Eels 100 Club. This is designed for local independents, small & medium sized businesses including store branches and individuals who want to support us.

Members will receive multiple exclusive benefits that will help promote their business for signing up for only £100. The club will offer networking opportunities as well as an understanding of powerchair football, both on and off-pitch plus much more.

Imagine how you felt starting your business, passing your driving test, graduating, and many other achievements. Great feeling, right? Well, that’s exactly how it feels for our players and those who come to try powerchair football. By signing up to the Electric Eels 100 you’re supporting us in achieving our charitable aims and objective of providing powerchair football opportunities to disabled people of all ages living in Hull & East Yorkshire region the chance to play this fantastic sport at a competitive or recreational level.

Kai said: “Following requests and the great success of Electric Eels 100 Club two years ago, we are delighted to relaunch. This past month we have redesigned and added more elements. This is a great way for those who are wanting to support the club and we in return will help promote their business.”

For more information about the Electric Eels 100 club, please email our marketing & communications officer, Kai

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