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Club launch Eels Synergy

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club are delighted to announce for 2020 an exciting marketing campaign called Eels Synergy.

2020 will represent an exciting year for the club with many plans in place including; social media competitions, exciting partnerships with our new and existing sponsors, powerchair football demonstrations plus much more including improved digital content.

Throughout, 2020 the club will be employing a marketing campaign called Eels Synergy. The term synergy can be defined as a combined effort of both interaction or cooperation within a organisation to produce a greater than the sum to achieve.

Eels Synergy is aimed to echo the work both on and off the field as a club collectively working hard to achieve the charitable aim.

Kai said: " We are really excited to be launching Eels Synergy which will be incoporating both our existing successful campaigns Try It and More Than A Sport. The campaign will be focusing on how we achieve our charitable aim. This year we will be widing our reach to the Humber Estuary as well as to our existing Hull and East Yorkshire region. We will be making exciting announcements. "

Follow the club on our social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you would like to discuss any marketing opportunities with the club please contact our marketing and communications officer:

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