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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

It's More Than A Sport: Meet Kai

Throughout our It's More Than A Sport campaign our players are going to be briefly sharing their story of how they started playing powerchair football. Additionally, they will share why powerchair football is more than a sport, how it's changed their lives and an interesting fact. Meet our first team captain, academy team coach and marketing & communications officer Kai.

At the tender age of 13, I was diagnosed with a life limiting muscle wasting condition called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2D. Myself and my parents were told I would loose the ability to walk and lift my arms but, they couldn’t tell us when it would happen. Between the age of 18 - 20 I stopped walking, now aged 24 I can barely move my arms. Six years ago I tried powerchair football in a taster session little did I know it was going to change my life. From a young age, I always tried kicking a ball about, tried getting involved in school with chats about football but always struggled. Then powerchair football came along. I have met so many people who have a similar condition to mine and I can call those friends for life. I’m using the qualifications I have gained to help the club grow and enable other disabled people within the region to try powerchair football. It’s not just changed my life but, my family’s life as well - we couldn’t imagine a life without it. Powerchair football it’s more than a sport it’s a life changer.

I’m extremely proud to be the captain of Hull & East Yorkshire PFC first team who compete in the MDUK Championship. Also, I’m the academy team coach and marketing & communications officer for the club. I absolutely love the sport I play and really enjoy telling people about my journey and how the sport has changed my life. I’ve made friends for lives even if I have to play against them in a match.

Why should a disabled person come and try powerchair football?

I highly recommend powerchair football to anyone who uses a wheelchair in their daily lives. You don't have to love football or want to compete in matches the club is also a big community where you can just have a knock about with people who have a similar condition to you. Come along to one of our training sessions to see what powerchair football is about and then try it. You won't regret it. Age is only a number we have a wide range of ages and it's open to all genders.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I love anything to do with agriculture, reading and learning about all processes of farming including tractors etc.

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