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Kai Gill: " We've been training really hard on the areas where we went wrong and creating s

Electric Eels first team captain, Kai Gill states following an analysis session and some hard training in camp, the team are ready to put in some their hard work onto the pitch this coming weekend.

Electric Eels first team travel to Nottingham this weekend for the 2nd round of the MDUK Championship with five games over the course of Saturday and Sunday. The five matches begin on Saturday at 11:45AM against newly promoted side Norwich, then at 2:15 PM against AFC Bournemouth Warriors, finally finishing the day at 4:45 PM against Muscle Warriors PFC. On Sunday, Electric Eels kick start the day against WBA Dudley at 9:15 AM and their final match of the second round is at 1PM against Bolton Bullets PFC.

Speaking to the club website, Kai stated: " We wasn't too happy with a couple of our performances in the first round, but following an analysis session we know where we went wrong. We've got five matches this weekend and we want to use this as a stepping stone to put in some the performances we know we've got as a team.

" We've been training really hard on the areas where we went wrong and creating some new ideas. A huge credit goes to our coach Lee, who has been analysing our performances and giving us some feedback which, the team have benefitted from. I think it's really brought us together as a team and you can see that in our training session last week. We will go to Nottingham this weekend with some intent to put in a full team performance by playing the football we know we can play. "

You can follow the team progress on the league full-time website or simply give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook for our post match reactions at the end of each day.

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