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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer


We are pleased to announce Hull City Official Supporters Club (HCOSC) have chosen our fundraising campaign 'New Wheels For Eels' as their good cause for HCOSC Golf Society Competition. The golf day will be taking place on Wednesday 25th April at Skidby Lakes Golf course. The first tee will be reserved from (11 am) until (12 noon).

The club's marketing & communications officer Kai Gill made contact with HCOSC in the beginning of the year following our announcement of this years fundraising campaign New Wheels For Eels. Since then both parties have been in regular contact to seek support for the only powerchair football club in Hull & East Yorkshire.

Kai said: "We would like to thank Hull City Official Supporters Club for choosing the club as their good cause for the annual golf day. This highlights the support Hull City supporters have to help and support their local powerchair football club.

Kathyrn Townsley, chair of Hull City Official Supporters Club said: "We are really looking forward to working with Kai and his fellow Eels by raising awareness of their sport and helping them be in a position to offer the opportunity to others by contributing to 'New Wheels For Eels'.

Here are the details from Hull City Official Supporters Club Golf Society about the day:

The entry fee will be £30 which covers green fees, a scampi or meat pie meal, a contribution towards the prize fund and a minimum of 25% of the fee will go to our chosen good cause, the “New Wheels for Eels” campaign being run by the Hull and East Yorkshire Power Wheelchair Club which is seeking to increase the amount of power wheelchairs they have for their members.

The entry fee may be paid on the day of the fixture but we do ask you to inform the organiser by the 18th April should a cancellation be required otherwise the member will be responsible for his fee. Members of Skidby Lakes Golf Club can claim a green fee reduction on the day of play.

We will play in three balls and players may form their own groups of three and if that is difficult or not possible please contact the organiser who will assist in this situation

You may invite other non-OSC golfers to join you and in such an instance, they must pay the annual OSC subscription of £8 (which can be arranged on the day itself) and comply with the above conditions.

If you are interested in joining the HCOSC Golf Society and have a current golf handicap, please email with your details.

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