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Post match interview with first team captain Kai Gill

Stephanie Leaf (SL) interviews first team captain Kai Gill (KG) following Electric Eels defeat in The WFA Cup Second Round against West Brom.

Halftime talk by head coach Lee Brennan - Photograph taken by: Dave Richardson

SL: Great team effort there Kai, what's your thoughts overall?

KG: Yeah it was a great team performance something we've been talking about all season is working hard for each other both in defence and in the attack. I feel that is something we did really well at in the match. We are pleased with a lot of areas in the game, there is some that we know we can be a lot better at.

How did you think the team played as a whole?

We did really well I thought we handled them both in defense and attack very well which, is really pleasing. Before the match, our coach Lee spoke at length about playing the fast balls, getting off to a quick start and enjoying it. We tried to continue that in the second half but it was more effort in defense.

You scored first straight after kick off, tell us about that?

We spoke pre match about getting off to a really good start. We had a very good warm up and I could tell we were up for this match and to prove some doubters wrong. I took kick off and chased the ball down - to be honest with you I wasn't planning on scoring that early on but, you've got to take it when their is a gap.

Next up is North East Regional League in Leeds, how will the team prepare for that?

The club have given us all the chance to have a good mini pre season, and that is something we will be doing. The result today despite us loosing has given us all a big confidence boost. When you look at West Brom they have some quality on the pitch especially in Chris Gordon, so to not have entered double figures against them is brilliant and shows all our hard work is paying off.

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