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Post Match Interview with first team captain Kai Gill

Stephanie Leaf (SL) interviews first team captain Kai Gill (KG) following Electric Eels win in the first round of The WFA Cup against Greenbank PFC.

SL: Kai 5 - 0 win you must be really pleased with that result for your first round?

KG: Yeah it was good to get a win in our first round against Greenbank PFC. They are a good side who can challenge some teams they certainly made it difficult for us in the first ten minutes. We wasn't over the moon with our performance but pleased to get the win.

How did you think Joel did to make his debut in the first team?

He did really well when he came on for his first game with the team, it's always nerve wrecking to make your debut but, he handled it really well. It was great to have him on the pitch as he gave us a boost when he came on, he's been training really hard this season so far and has put in some really good performances in the academy team, hence why Lee picked him to make his debut.

West Brom next in the second round, what do you know about them?

They are a really quality side and have a really good team structure. They are a tough outfit to face on their day, and have quality players such as Chris Gordon, Marcus Harrison who have a lot of experience. The club has already began planning preparations for this match as it's going to be a tough match, but we love playing in those matches. As a team, we will be training realy hard and making sure we are at our absolute best to face them.

How great was it to see many people come and watch the match?

It was amazing to be honest we love playing at home in front of our supporters they really give us a big lift when we need it. On behalf of everyone at the club, we would like to thank those who came to watch it.

Details about the second round will be published on the website in due cause.

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