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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

Interview with our patron Neil Hudgell

Kai Gill (KG) asked our patron Neil Hudgell (NH) four questions on his thoughts of powerchair football and why disabled people should give it a try.

KG: Neil, you have seen a powerchair football training session with the club, what were your thoughts when you first saw it?

NH: I thought it was very well organised, very competitive and much fun. An army of committed volunteers really gave the place a friendly, inclusive feel.

KG:Was you aware of the sport before you came?

NH: Not to any great extent

KG: What advice would you give to disabled people who want to try a sport?

NH: Absolutely. People with all levels of disability regardless of age or sex are welcomed, and it gives a great opportunity to compete, make friendships and improve mental wellbeing in a safe, convivial environment.

What does it mean to you to be a patron of the club?

I am a very proud patron of the Eels. They are an inspirational group of athletes of all ages, who have to deal with a range of disabilities, but lead the way in showing how determination and hard work can prevail in the face of adversity, to create something very special and enjoyable, and a fun group to be around. The committee and helpers work tirelessly, exuding an energy that is very infectious, and great to be a part of.

We would like to thank Neil for his time to do this short interview and for all the support himself, and his staff at Hudgell Solicitors have done for the club.

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