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PTC Therapeutic Gameweek 2 Review

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC first team travelled to Nottingham last weekend for the 2023/24 PTC Therapeutics Premiership game week 2. The team faced Teeside, West Bromwich Albion PFC, Manchester United PFC, Nottinghamshire PFC and Nomad Knights PFC.

On Saturday, the first team faced Teeside which resulted in a 16-0 defeat. Next up was West Bromwich Albion PFC which, the away side won 6-0. The final match on Saturday was against Manchester United PFC an end to end game resultiing in an 0-0 draw. This was the first point that the first team have gained in their 2023/24 PTC Therapeutic Premiership.

On Sunday, the first team faced Nottinghamshire PFC which was a close match with Nottinghamshire take the 3 points following a result of 2-0. The final match of gameweek 2 for Electric Eels was against Nomad Knights following a close game, Nomads was able to score past the first team defence resulting in a 1-0 win for Nomads.

Speaking about the weekend first team captain Kai said: " We knew this weekend was going to be tough with having five matches. We was happy with some areas of our game that we have improved on such as our passing and you could see the new formation and style we're trying that we are enjoying it. As a team, we were pleased to gain a point from the weekend, but also felt we could have gained a couple more. We'll work hard over the winter break now to prepare for the rest of the season. The main thing is we're enjoying playing in this league and learning so much from other experienced teams and players. "

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