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LADS FC joins Electric Eels 100 Club

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are delighted to announce LADS FC have joined Electric Eels 100 Club for the 2021/22 season.

LADS FC is a non-profit football club with the aims of raising funds for various local charities in the region. Also, to provide a place for players to escape the stresses of every life, socialise with others playing football a sport they love. The club main focus is on the mental and physical health of their players and others.

Founder, Anthony Snow said: " We approached Kai around working together, so when the 100 club came available it made perfect sense for us to be involved. We are proud to promote Inclusivity in sport. We can now do this both, through our own club and by supporting the Electric Eels."

Kai Gill, Marketing & Communications officer at Hull & East Yorkshire PFC said: " We’re extremely thankful of LADS FC being the first non-profit club to sign up to our Electric Eels 100 Club. This just highlights the impeccable support that LADS FC has upon the charitable and local community projects within the area. We look forward to being able to host LADS FC at our future match-days and carry their branding on our 100 club banner on our website.“

For more information on LADS FC visit their website at

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