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Electric Eels secure 9 points from 12

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC first team secured three wins and one defeat at the PTC Therapeutics WFA Championship round 4. The Electric Eels faced Greenbank PFC, Norwich City, Nomad Knights and West Bromwich Dudley.

On Saturday 1st April, first up for Electric Eels was Greenbank PFC. Within the first 7 minutes of the first half, Eels gained a freekick on the edge of Greenbank’s box due to a double touch from Greenbank’s goalkeeper. First team player Kole took the in-direct freekick which, saw the ball bounce of the keeper’s bumper resulting in an own goal. Despite this, Greenbank continued to attack Eels defence through their talented young players. Eels held their own in the first half going into half time with 1-0. The second half saw Eels attack Greenbank’s defence via passing the ball around trying to open up any gaps. This saw Hayden score a goal for Hull & East Yorkshire PFC. But, just as the match was in final minutes Greenbank scored a goal.

Fulltime Result: Hull & East Yorkshire PFC 2


Greenbank PFC 1


The second match for Electric Eels was against Norwich City. This match was an entertaining one for the supporters with both sides battling it out to keep each other out of their half. With both sides having opportunities through freekicks and corners to score but, Electric Eels and Norwich’s experienced keepers and defenders not allowing either side to score leading into half time 0 – 0. Within five minutes of the first half, Eels scored a goal following a side line ball taken by Kole, passing it onto Hayden who then delivered a brilliant cross for Joel to reverse his chair using the back bumper to score a goal. The remaining 15 minutes was end to end football with both sides passing the football around trying to open up gaps. Once again the experienced sides stopped any threats on goal with their tight defence.

Fulltime Result: Hull & East Yorkshire PFC 1


Norwich City 0


On Sunday 2nd April, the Electric Eels had a tough opening match against top of the league side Nomad Knights. Both sides battled it out in the first half using any space they had to pass the ball around aiming to open any gaps. But Eels and Nomad Knights players used their experience to cut out any ball being passed. Leading into halftime 0-0. The second half saw Nomad Knights score within the 5-10 minutes. A quick shift around of Electric Eels side with Kai leaving the pitch, Joel went into goalkeeper position saw the side continue to push on. Eels continued to try to open up the experienced defenders in Nomad Knights but, struggled with both Knights defenders stopping any opportunity. However, The Knights tried on every opportunity to pass the ball around and scored from a great passing play. This saw Nomad Knights win the game 2-0.

Fulltime Result: Nomad Knights 2


Hull & East Yorkshire PFC 0


Final match of the fourth round for Hull & East Yorkshire PFC first team was against WBA Dudley. The first half saw both sides pass the ball around using all the space they had within the pitch to play. Electric Eels scored within the first opening five minutes via a passing play from Kole to Luke to Hayden who finished with a goal. WBA Dudley continued to attack Electric Eels by passing and using any set pieces they had the chance to use to score. But, Electric Eels held their own in defence. Just before half-time Eels player Hayden, scored from a sideline ball taken by Kole passing onto Hayden who finished with a goal. This saw Eels head into halftime with 2-0. The second half opening ten minutes saw Eels continue to use their attack against Dudley who held their own in defence stopping any flow play that the Hull side had. A passing play saw Hayden cross the ball to winger Emma who took a shot on goal stopped by Dudley, but Emma followed up to score from the bounce off Dudley’s goalkeepers bumper. The remaining ten minutes saw both sides continue to attack and defend, taking any opportunities via set-plays to score but, experienced defenders stopped that from happening. This saw Electric Eels come away with a 3-0 win.

Fulltime Result: Hull & East Yorkshire PFC 3


WBA Dudley 0

Following three wins and one defeat saw the first team add a further 9 points to their league position in fourth resulting with 35 points. The play-off spot (3rd) has really tightened in the league table with only one point making the difference between Middlesbrough PFC sat in 3rd with 36 points, Hull & East Yorkshire PFC sat in 4th with 35 points, and Leeds Dynamos sat in 5th with 34 points. The final round takes place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May at Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Nottingham Trent University.

PTC Championship League Table

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