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Dinostar joins Electric Eels 100 Club

Hull & East Yorkshire PFC are delighted to announce Dinostar have joined Electric Eels 100 Club for the 2021/22 season.

Dinostar, Hull’s Dinosaur Experience, is based on Humber Street in Hull’s Fruit Market. The long-established visitor attraction – it was opened by Time Team’s Tony Robinson (now Sir Tony) in 2004 – provides dinosaur entertainment for all ages. The Dinostar exhibition features genuine and replica dinosaur fossils as well as numerous interactive exhibits. One of the highlights is an interactive sandbox which allows visitors to build a volcano!

In addition to the museum, Dinostar provides dinosaur workshops in schools, at visitor attractions and at science festivals. Over the years Dinostar has visited over 1100 schools and over 100,000 children have enjoyed their workshops.

Steve Plater, co-owner of Dinostar, said: “We are pleased to support the Electric Eels via the 100 Club. Local sports organisations are a vital part of the local community for participants and their families. As a local visitor attraction we believe it is important to support clubs in the area when we can. We hope we will be able to take in a game soon.”

Kai Gill, Marketing & Communications officer at Hull & East Yorkshire PFC said: " We’re extremely thankful to Dinostar for being the first of many businesses wanting to sign up to our Electric Eels 100 Club. This highlights the support that Dinostar has for charitable and community projects within the area. Dinostar has grown to be a popular local attraction in Hull. We look forward to being able to host Dinostar and their staff at our future match-days and carry their branding on our 100 club banner on our website.”

For more information on Dinostar visit their website at

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