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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

Top 10 Reasons why to try powerchair football

Are you a full-time wheelchair user? Love sport? Living in Hull & East Yorkshire? If you tick ✅ all the boxes, then this blog post is for you. As part of our #TryIt campaign, we have come up with 10 reasons why you should come along and try powerchair football. So where to start:

1. A perfect opportunity for you to socialise with other people who have a similar condition to yourself.

2. Just because you're a wheelchair user that doesn't mean you can never score a goal. Powerchair football gives you that opportunity!

3. At Hull & East Yorkshire PFC we focus on both players and their families/carers ensuring that no is alone. We are a community!

4. Powerchair football is a great sport if you love being in a team environment.

5. It's a confidence and self-esteem booster many players started at our club afraid of what people think of them and feel nervous about talking. Now, they are full of confidence and love talking to people.

6. It's your chance for you and your family to create memories.

7. Make new friends!

8. It's open age, whether you are young or old you can still play!

9. Powerchair Football is a great sport to enable you to become a problem solver, by working with others which, is transferrable to every-day life.

10. Lastly, to have fun and make you smile, the psychological benefits we all need.

If you are wanting to give powerchair football a try, then come along to one of our training sessions at The Beacon, Hull University, entrance on Inglemire Lane. If you need to use a hoist don't worry Hull University have fantastic changing places facilities but please bring your own sling. For more information please send us an email - or head over to our Facebook Page to discover our next training session.

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