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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

The Club Relaunches Try It

Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club are proud to relaunch the Try It campaign. After a successful, short period of running the campaign in late 2017 the club have decided to relaunch Try It for 2019.

The Try It campaign was created in November 2017 with the aim of increasing awareness of powerchair football and the club in the Hull & East Yorkshire region with the sole purpose to increase participation. Following a successful short period it was decided to run the Try It campaign during the entire 2019 period.

Speaking to the official club website Kai Gill, Marketing & Communications Officer said: " We're really excited ot launch the Try It Campaign for 2019, it was decided following a successful short stint of the campaign that we wanted to make it bigger for this year. There has been a lot of hard work into planning this campaign and further plans are still being made. We designed this campaign to raise awareness of powerchair football and the club in Hull & East Yorkshire by giving disabled people of all ages the opportunity to try powerchair football and increase participation at Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club.

" We will be attending events in Hull & East Yorkshire region that are designed for disabled people to raise awareness of both powerchair football and the club as we work to continue to achieve our charitable aim of giving disabled people of all ages the chance to play powerchair football. Also, we plan to work alongside our sponsors and new partners for this campaign with some exciting plans in the pipeline for ours players to demonstrate powerchair football. We have a really good partnership with St Stephens Shopping Centre where our players have demonstrated powerchair football to their shoppers and we hope to have further news regarding future demonstrations later this year."

The club will be making announcements throughout the coming months of events the club will be attending during 2019 incuding those where a demonstration of powerchair football will be taking place.

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