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  • Kai Gill, Marketing & Communication Officer

Club Statement: Hull & East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club

The club will now officially be called Hull and East Yorkshire Powerchair Football Club. After careful consideration the club committee and players voted for the name change to happen. 

Our competition teams will still play as Electric Eels as this has an emotional attachment with all players, parents, coaches and fans. 

Speaking on the name change Lee Brennan said:

" We've changed the name of the club to Hull and East Yorkshire PFC because we feel it represents our geographic location more accurately.

" The vast majority of our players, coaches, parents and sponsors are from the Hull and East Yorkshire region and we thought the new name identifies better with that.

" Whilst the official club name has changed, the playing name has not.  We'll still play as the Electric Eels as this has an emotional attachment with all the players, parents, fans and other supporters alike."

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