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Just like any sports equipment and running of the club can be costly. But in powerchair football, it's more costly due to repairs to powerchairs and other equipment. Without donations from the public, sponsors and charities we wouldn't be able to keep training. 


We have put together a list of costs that the club pays for. If you would like to sponsor the club or make a donation please our marketing & communications officer Kai Gill by emailing:


DB Bullet 

The DB Bullet powerchair is one of the British products available on the powerchair football specialised market. This particular chair is built near York. 

This powerchair costs £5,750.00

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.04.53.png


The Strikeforce is an American powerchair. Furthermore, Strikeforce has become a popular product in the National League. The chair is built to players needs. This powerchair can cost in the region of £8,000. 

Hull University New Sports Facility - Sa


The club trains on a weekly basis (every Saturday) for two hours (11 - 1). We hire two courts; one for our first and academy team, the other for new and development players. We train at The Beacon, University of Hull Sports & Facilities centre. This costs £100 every week. 

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