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Electric Eels-Full Logo(Digi)_v1-02.png

Our Logo

Fresh, modern new identity created to continue to increase our brand awareness in a more prominent digital world. The illustrated design incorporates every aspect of the sport, powerchair football. A design that made the Eel more impactful.


The new logo retains all three key visual elements; the Eel, powerchair with a bumper and our club nick name with a traditional American sports brands look. The Eels is a more prominent figure within our logo with the powerchair added within the Eel shape. Additionally, the football has been added to signify it being a football club badge. Finally, Electric Eels has been added to continue our historic club nickname.

Electric Eels-Full Logo(Digi)_v1-02.png
NighthawkStudio-Electric Eels-Rebrand_v2.jpg

Our Brand Journey

Our logo development.jpg


The whole process start to finish, has took three months from our club committee initially looking and considering of taking this step.


Two initial concepts were presented to the club, both nailing the club’s brief. The club committee then took their time in a long period to delve into both concepts to determine which, one they preferred and what aspects they liked and some that they wanted to be changed. This process involved incorporating elements from both designs to create the final version which, received an overwhelming approval from the club committee. 


The key part of insight from club committee and some of our commercial partners is how prominent the Eel now is and how it incorporate the powerchair and bumper within the Eels shape. As well as the significant part of Electric Eels being prominent to continue our historic nickname.


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Our How 

Our Why

The Designer

Our new club badge has been created by Nighthawk Studio who have a portfolio containing work for professional football clubs in the UK as well as
well-established businesses across Europe.


The project has been led by experienced graphic designer Will Kirk, owner at Nighthawk Studio, fan of all sports alongside, well-respected marketing guru, football and Rugby League fan Kai Gill, Marketing & Communications officer at Hull & East Yorkshire PFC.

NighthawkStudio is set up with a goal to be that extra pair of creative hands for whatever project you have in mind. From branding to graphic design, websites to social media, photography to videography, I've got you covered!

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